• Business process Automation
• Data Recovery
• Disaster Recovery
• Helpdesk
• IP Telephony
• IT Infrastructure Moves
• Network Assessment
• On Call 24/7
• Proactive Maintenance
• Project Implementation
• Project Management
• Remote Monitoring
• Remote Support
• Remote Storage
• Security Audits
• Video Surveillance Systems
• Virus, Spyware & Spam Protection
• Web Design

• Proactive Maintenance
Proactive Care is our unique, most cost effective plan that gives our core clients—Small and Medium Businesses—the same advantages as larger companies. Our engineers come to your site to resolve any technical issues and maintain your technical environment. This service is the equivalent of having your own IT Department for a fraction of the cost.

·     Network Assessment: During this initial step, IQ examines and documents your IT network and issues a thorough report on your current network situation. Next, we provide solutions to making your system more efficient and stable while addressing any chronic issues or problems you have encountered with your system.

·     Network Stabilization: After determining and reporting the state of your environment, our team will act upon an agreed upon stabilization plan to put your network in stable and working order.

·     Proactive Care: IQ Systems will assign one of our top consultants to your account. You can count on your personal primary consultant to be at your office on the same day whether you need our weekly, semimonthly, or monthly service plan.

·     On-Call Care: For time-critical tasks and emergencies, we provide an on-call service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a predetermined service rate.

·     Projects: IT project costs will be estimated on an individual project basis.

·     Most computer support work can be done on a regularly scheduled basis avoiding costly service calls.

·     Regular support reduces the number of service calls, and often minimizes the length of time for resolution.

·     Regular maintenance reduces the need for emergency support, saving money and down time.

·     When your network runs better, your employees are more productive.

In short, Proactive Care is the lowest-cost and most convenient way to keep your network up and running.

What We Do On Our Regularly Scheduled Visits

Proactive Care delivers several benefits to our clients at our lowest rate. Depending on your needs, IQ Systems strives to be your entire IT department—from helpdesk with first tier support to the functionality of a CIO with budgeting and planning. Your company will benefit from regularly scheduled visits to address all of your IT support needs, regular maintenance to reduce inconvenient down time and costly computer emergencies, and maximized productivity of your technology investment.

Here are the tasks typically performed during our scheduled visits:

IT Solutions

Address all pending IT issues and needs upon arrival. On the initial meeting your primary consultant will establish a method such as a helpdesk mailbox where IT service requests may be posted in between IQ Systems visits.

PC, Server Performance, and Data Integrity

Inspect systems that are under-performing or malfunctioning due to improper settings, viruses, corrupt or missing files, faulty equipment, or other issues that, if left unresolved, can cause downtime or data loss.

Remove temporary and other unnecessary files that take up valuable disk space and lead to slow performance.

Maximize your systems’ utilization of the hard disk to maintain peak performance and eliminate the potential for file corruption.

Update anti-virus software and certify effective virus protection on all servers and workstations.

Boost Internet access speed by fine-tuning browser settings to match user Internet needs.

Address printing issues.

Contingency Protection

Confirm that critical backups occur properly and regularly. Perform regular test restores to ascertain reliability of tape media and backup data.

Reboot important systems (servers, routers, hubs, etc.) to reset memory and assure that all devices will restart properly in case of power failure. (Performed only when task will not interfere in regular business operations.)

Verify the proper functioning of little-used items like floppy and CD drives, which are critical when recovering from computer outages.

Create a “boot” or “emergency repair” disk for all computers to be used in the event of hard disk or other failures.

Computer Standards

Install critical updates and security patches for common programs to ensure proper operation. Software manufacturers frequently provide updates at little or no cost. We will identify the appropriate ones for your common software and recommend them for your approval.

Report on systems that are not meeting the criterion needed to function in your business, and determine what would be required to migrate to that standard. With standardization, your businesses may lower computer support costs by reducing the number of disparaging types of hardware and software presently operated.

Update network documentation of your site, and place changes on file for your reference.

Computer Security

Implement and enforce IT security policies commonly considered best practices. Verify that users and administrative passwords are changed on a regular basis. Determine and resolve security weakness both internally and externally.

Review firewall logs, rule bases, and software revision to maintain security and monitor for any possible breaches.

Perform external port scans to confirm Internet security from outside the firewall.

Verify and install security patches on all servers, workstations, routers, switches, and firewalls.

Network Administration

Manage user accounts and e-mail services.

Manage optional network services like DNS and infrastructure.

Monitor network resource utilization such as network drive space.

Move, add or change equipment as needs require.

Anticipate and adapt your system to upcoming variations in your business that may affect your IT infrastructure. These variations may include changing or expanding offices, employee changes, increasing or decreasing use of various computer systems, accessibility needs of your clients or employees, and implementing remote access

•Chief Information Officer Services
With outsourced Chief Information Officer Services, your company has the benefit of a highly skilled and experienced CIO to manage your IT budgeting, planning, and personal management.

IT Budgeting: IQ Systems will help your organization implement your yearly budgets through long-term budgeting, short- term budgeting, project budgeting, infrastructure upgrades, workstation longevity, and application improvements. With over 15 years of IT budgeting experience, IQ Systems will help your organization make the right investment the first time around.

IT Initiative and Project Planning: Often companies have a vision of what initiatives need to be achieved for their business success but lack the resources or skill to drive these projects. IQ Systems project management experience allows you to feel confident that your IT goals and initiatives will be achieved on time and on budget. Our team can help your company with projects ranging from network design to application implementation to corporate technology initiatives. As the relationship between IQ grows, our team will use our experience and perspective to help recommend initiatives designed to improve and develop your business.

Growth Planning: As your business grows so should your IT infrastructure. With IQ Solutions’ expertise we are able to help your business project and plan for the future. Using periodic planning sessions, IQ Systems will assess the direction of your business and growth rate to help make the proper technology decisions. Our experience can help determine if your current assets can achieve your growth needs.

IT Personnel management: IQ Systems has the experience to assist in managing your IT staff by helping focus on goals and needs, development and training, and guiding them in delivering quality customer service some times overlooked in an internal IT department. IQ can help you develop the IT department you desire.

• Disaster Recovery
Disasters can be anything from destruction of your entire network infrastructure, to a down server, to loss of Internet service to a critical PC not working, but they all have one thing in common, your business can not function. It is never a good time for a disaster. When they do happen you want to recovery as quickly as possible with minimum loss.
Disaster Recovery has three aspects.
·     Mitigating
·     Planning and Preparation
·     Execution

IQ Systems can assist with one or all of these.

Disaster Recovery Mitigation
Reducing your companies risk and exposure to potential disaster is just as important as planning for disaster. IQ Systems will assess your network to determine various weak points that may expose to you potential disasters. We will review your current backup strategy, your fault tolerance level and preparedness after which we will develop a comprehensive plan in reducing these vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Preparation
Designing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan is no small task. Many aspects of your business must be taken in to consideration. These factors include determining various IT components to the function of your business, assigning a critical need value to each component, Ranking up time priority and work with you to determine up time and return to normal state expectations. IQ Systems will put together a complete disaster recovery plan containing all of the critical information and instructions to revive your network as quickly as possible. We will also prepare your company by insuring the proper backup strategy is in place and all resources required are available. Our detailed plans are written in a comprehensive manor that a non technical person may utilize.

Disaster Recovery Execution
During a network disaster, time is critical. For every moment your network s down, you may be unable to assist your customers and could potentially be losing business. That is why IQ Systems grantees to commit two senior technical personnel to every qualified network outage. Whether IQ assisted in your disaster planning or not, we are available recover your network or work with your vendors in restoring your company to a normal state as soon as possible. Our team will work continuously around the clock non stop until your network is functioning again.

Why trust IQ Systems with your business data recovery?

We have been recovering lost data for businesses since 1992 and offer convenient neighborhood drop-off locations to get your valuable data recovered fast.

We can perform data recovery from virtually any type of media or situation including:

·         Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
·         Accidental Deletion Recovery
·         Accidental Formatting Recovery
·         Failed RAID Server Recovery
·         Failed External Storage Device Recovery
·         Flash Drive & Camera Card Recovery
·         CD & DVD Recovery
·         Magnetic Tape Recovery

When It Comes To Data Recovery, If Data Doctors Can't Get It, NO ONE CAN!

Frequently Asked Questions (Each line is linked to the bottom detail)

•         What causes data loss?
•         What is Data Recovery?
•         How does Data Recovery happen?
•         How long does data recovery take?
•         How much does data recovery cost?
•         What is the success rate of data recovery?
•         Is there anything I can do to recover my data?
•         What is the data recovery confidentiality policy?
•         Do you recover laptop hard drives?
•         What types of media can you recover data from?
•         Can you recover data if I've had a virus attack?
•         From what operating systems can you recover data?
•         What can I do to protect my data?
•         How do I pack my drive for transportation to the recovery lab?

What causes data loss?

Data recovery may become necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but generally the failure can be categorized as resulting from physical damage or logical corruption.

·         Physical Damage
o    Moisture contact or penetration
o    Exposure to extreme temperatures
o    Variations in humidity
o    Shock or force sustained
o    Defective mechanical or electronic components
o    Spike or surge in power source
o    Degrading read/write heads

·         Logical Corruption
o    File System formatted
o    Operating System reinstalled
o    Files deleted or recycled
o    Software (ScanDisk, CheckDisk, Defrag)
o    Virus intrusion
o    Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Hard drives are among the most common types of storage media requiring data recovery. However, there are many other forms of electronic, optical, and magnetic storage media that can become damaged or corrupted. Data recovery is generally considered to be the last resort when all other attempts to retrieve the data have been exhausted.

How does data recovery happen?

The data recovery process depends on the type of recovery necessary for your particular situation. Our specialists begin with a diagnostic process to determine which solution fits your needs and then you are contacted to discuss your quote.

How long does data recovery take?

We have three data recovery service options:
Emergency Service - 24 hour turn around time
Priority Service - three day turn around time
Standard Service - two week turn around time

If necessary, a diagnosis and price quote can be obtained within 4 business days.

How much does data recovery cost?

Data recovery costs can vary depending on the type of storage media, severity of damage, specialty parts, and turn around time required. We have solutions starting at $350.

What is the success rate of data recovery?

The good news is, although there is no guarantee that data can be recovered, our team of specialists have years of success recovering data from all types of media. If it can be recovered, Data Doctors will do it!

The success of data recovery depends on the nature of the damage to the storage media. Unfortunately, chances for successful recovery decrease if there is physical damage to a hard drive's platters or magnetic layer. Severe physical failure can cause irreversible damage to any kind of magnetic storage media.

Is there anything I can do to recover my data?

Users inexperienced in data recovery can cause more damage to their storage media when attempting to recover data themselves. If you are in already in a data loss situation, contact our Data Recovery Specialists right away to discuss your options for safe data recovery.

What is the data recovery confidentiality policy?

Our Data Recovery Lab is a secure environment. All customer data is kept private and laboratory access is controlled to ensure only appropriate specialists handle sensitive information. We are regularly contracted to recover classified data for the government and private organizations. Data Doctors is accustomed to the level of privacy and protection that classified materials require. We provide the same level of protection to all of our customers.

Do you recover laptop hard drives?

Yes, laptop hard drive recovery uses the same methods as desktop hard drives.

What types of media can you recover data from?

Listed below are commonly used types of storage media that may require data recovery:

Magnetic Drives — Used to store data in laptops, desktops, servers, network attached storage, external backup devices, digital video recorders and MP3 players. Media examples: 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″ and 5.25″ IDE/SATA Drives, 50-pin, 68-pin, UltraWide SCSI Drives and 0.85? CompactFlash Type II Micro Drives

Magnetic Tapes — Used to backup data in small to medium sized file servers Media examples: AIT, DAT, DLT, Exabyte, LTO, QIC, Travan & VXA Tapes

Magnetic Disks — Used to temporarily store or transfer small amounts of data. Media examples: 3.5″, 5.25″ Floppy Diskettes, and Jaz, SyQuest and Zip Cartridges

Optical Discs — Used to store files from several megabytes to several gigabytes in size. Media examples: CDs, DVDs and Minidiscs

Flash Cards — Used to store photos in digital cameras, music in MP3 players, PDAs and files for many types of applications. Media examples: CompactFlash, MemoryStick, SD, SmartMedia and xD cards

Can you recover data if I've had a virus attack?

Most viruses attack files that the computer uses to function normally. A security breach can result in noticeable performance changes, random rebooting, adware, spyware and even missing files. The majority of these issues can be addressed with our Comprehensive Overhaul Service. In the event the virus deletes or corrupts files, Data Doctors is experienced in repairing this type of damage.

From what operating systems can you recover data?

We recover data from a variety of operating systems. The most common platform in use today is Microsoft Windows. Other widely used operating systems include: OSX, RedHat and FreeBSD.

Here is a breakdown of different operating and corresponding file systems:

Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP & Vista, NT Server, 2000 Server and 2003 Server
Common file systems: FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS

Macintosh OS9 and OSX
Common file systems: MFS, HFS, HFS+ and HSFX

Common file systems: UFS, UFS2, JFS and BSD

Linux RedHat
Common file systems: Ext, Ext2, Ext3 and VxFS

Novell Netware
Common file system: NSS

What can I do to protect my data?

The best protection against data loss is a proper backup system. Data Doctors provides many data backup solutions and can tailor one to meet your needs. Download our FREE Data Disaster Prevention Guide and contact your nearest Data Doctors location to discuss which data backup solutions will be best for you.

How do I pack my drive for transportation to the recovery lab?

Ideally, you will not have to worry about packing your media. Find the Data Doctors location nearest you and bring your storage media to us. Our specialists will package your device securely and handle transporting it safely to our Recovery Lab.

If there is no Data Doctors location near you, or you would like to personally mail your media to the Recovery Lab, download the appropriate Form

All storage media, especially hard drives, should be packaged with extreme care. Wrap your storage device with packing foam or bubble wrap to protect the media while in transit.

With IQ Systems helpdesk support, quick resolution to minor problems is only a phone call away. The IQ helpdesk staff has a broad range of experience in many issues and applications to help you trouble shoot software and hardware issues.

One of IQ’s key skills is our ability to communicate with our clients in a way that is effective and easy to understand when assisting them. No matter what your skill level, you can count on the IQ help desk to guide you to a resolution in a respectful and professional manner.

IQ’s Helpdesk can assist in the following areas:

·     Workstation troubleshooting

·     Minor connectivity issues

·     Print issues

·     Application issues

·     General How To questions

IT Infrastructure Moves
When moving your office location, IQ Solution’s engineers will use their skill to safely and efficiently move your IT infrastructure. From break down of the server room and workstations, to reconfiguration in the new location, IQ will give you the peace of mind that a skilled job is done right.

IQ Systems can also assist in all aspects of planning your new location including cabling needs and server room design. IQ Systems will scope out your company’s need with a thought to growth and cost. IQ will coordinate data and telephone wiring contactors to guarantee the right job is done.

In designing a data center, whether for one server or one hundred servers, several factors must be considered such as power, cooling, wiring, security, physical access to the equipment and much more. When planning the data room for your new facility, let IQ’s experience work for you. No mater how big or small your need, our team will determine the proper environment for your network.

IT Permanent Placement
IQ Systems understands that some companies need a full-time, onsite IT employee or department but may not have the resources to locate personnel or skill set to properly screen and interview for that position. IQ Systems can help assure that the personnel you hire are right for your needs.

Our recruiting staff can help locate the personnel with the skill set you desire. The prescreening process will save you valuable time rather than having to review countless resumes that may not fit your needs.

Upon finding suitable candidates either with our recruiting service or with your own resources, IQ can assist in the interview process with a through, thought out technical questioning. With our experience we are able to determine the questions needed to quickly determine technical ability and personality necessary for offering the type of service you want from your internal IT department.

The IQ recruiting and interviewing services may be used jointly or separately to suit your needs.

Network Assessment
IQ Systems will assess the condition of your company’s IT Infrastructure to determine how your network may be improved, performance may be increased, recommend best practices and plan for needs and future growth.

While many IT service firms use network assessments as a mere sales gimmick, the IQ assessment team utilizes a very thorough process to generate a document that is as informative as it is helpful in its recommendations.

IQ Systems will interview not only the persons responsible for your network but a sampling of the user base as well to get true feel for in the field perception of the network. IQ’s network sampling tools will determine the distribution of and issues relating to network traffic in easy to understand graphical displays. The IQ assessment will include a review of server and infrastructure equipment as well as the functionality of applications and services.

We assure you that an IQ Network Assessment will not only give you the professional advice you seek to improve your network but the quality of information that can be used as the basis of your network documentation.

Network Documentation

Whether for best practice, disaster recovery or audit preparation, good network documentation is crucial. Let IQ Solution’s experience and tools help develop a full detail, comprehensive network documentation guide covering every aspect of your environment including, network diagram, hardware and software inventory, and configuration details. The level of detail can be scaled to your desired need.

Take a moment to review a sample content directory of the IQ documentation guide:

                                                                                                         I.             Executive Overview

A.       Enterprise summery

B.       Executive view network diagram

                                                                                                                       II.            Diagrams

A.       Technical view network diagram with Internet Connection Detail

B.       Floor plan with user location and extensions

                                                                                                                     III.            Listing of Standards

A.       Hardware standards

B.       Software standards

C.      User account

D.      E-Mail

E.       Printers

                                                                                                                     IV.            Network Site Specifics

A.       Crucial account names, Passwords

B.       Circuit IDs

C.      Web Presence

1.       Web page

2.       Internet mail

3.       DNS information

D.      IP Inventory

1.       Device by class

2.       Device by IP address

E.       IP Scheme

F.       Antivirus

1.       Application

2.       Settings

                                                                                                                                        V.    Client Applications

A.       Applications

B.       Licensing

C.      Media location

                                                                                                                     VI.            Backup strategy

A.       Backup method (application, times)

B.       Tape and tape rotation methods

C.      Rotation schedule

D.      Backup selections

E.       Backup selections detail

                                                                                                                   VII.            Infrastructure

A.       Server inventory

B.       Workstation inventory

C.      Network backbone inventory

1.       Configuration

D.      Firewall

1.       Hardware

2.       Services

3.       NAT

4.       Interface IP configuration

• On Call
IQ On Call services asset your company for when every your IT needs, plan or unplanned arises. Down emergencies and technical assistance needs are seldom planed and rarely at a good time. IQ’s 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year On Call staff is available to help you in your time of need at any time of the day.

On an as-needed basis, our clients can call in and request a consultants help for as soon as possible or to be scheduled when needed.

On-call services can include:

·     911 down technical emergencies
·     Workstation and Server issues
·     Network Diagnostics
·     Administration,
·     Upgrades
·     Internet access troubleshooting setup and installation,
·     Remote management services,
·     New computer setup,
·     network design, planning, deployment, upgrades,
·     migrations, and moves,
·     Technology and product advice

• Policies and Procedures Composition
Good business is based on good policy and procedures. IQ Systems can help your business develop and implement the policies needed to provide a secure and stable network as well as reduce liability. As a result, your employees will know your position on issues that legally affect the company on topics such as software piracy, Internet usage, and proprietary information. Further, we can help you document best practice methodologies for a more efficient and streamline IT environment. IQ Systems will work with your staff to determine what your policy needs and level of strictness are. Like our IT documentation service, our policies and procedures can be scaled to your need. All policies and procedures are custom designed for your company and you will never be shoe horned in to a “one policy fits all” that causes more burden than benefit.

An example of possible policies and procedures could include the following:

I.             Policies
A.       New User / Systems
1.       Creation
2.       Deliverables
B.       Email
1.       Limitations
2.       Usage General
C.      Internet
1.       Usage General
2.       Monitoring
D.      Official IT policy of network resource usage.

A.       Technical difficulties (Trouble shooting procedure)
1.       General computer
2.       Application specific
3.       Circuit outages
a.       Voice
b.     Data
c.      ISP
1.       Phone system
2.       Cabling
3.       Web page
4.       DNS
B.       Contact list
C.      File recovery method
D.      Email recovery method
E.       New user and mailbox creation
F.       New distribution list
G.      New equipment purchase
H.      Company functions requiring network resources
I.         Creating or updated listing company database
J.        Disaster Prevention Procedures
1.       Backup strategy
2.       Anti Virus
3.       Firewall

Project Implementation
For companies who know what needs to be done but just doesn’t have the staff to do it, turn to IQ Systems to help implement your projects with the necessary skills and persons. From application roll outs to system deployment and much more, IQ can help you.

Web Design
If you are not doing at least some part of your business over the Web, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Today, the Web is an integral part of the business world. But with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done.

Working with IQ Solutions, you get the strength of a proven full service technology integrator with the close collaboration of a smaller shop. Some of our most popular solutions are:

·     Website Makeovers
·     Flash/Interactive Sites
·     Website Engineering
·     Intranets/Extranets
·     Ecommerce
·     Systems Integration
·     Web Applications

Security Audits
Assessing your network security has never been more important. Unfortunately, too many security firms simply don't find the root causes of security vulnerabilities, nor fix them once they're found. Their tactical recommendations make it impossible for organizations to get off the "find, fix, find, fix" treadmill, and on the road to sustainable risk reduction.

At IQ Systems our experts identify and help you remove critical vulnerabilities. But more importantly, we help you with the strategic information you need to attack vulnerabilities at their sources. We provide a complete vulnerability assessment and penetration-testing services to address a range of requirements and budgets.