IQ Systems Dynamic DNS Server site
You can administer your computers by logging in here.
Please note, you must have a valid user account with IQ systems to be able to do that. Please supply your username and password when prompted. You machine will be known to the internet as For example, if your machine name is "harrypotter". It will be known as You can download your windows client for the dynamic DNS server. There are two types of clients:

You machine will be known to the internet as For example, if your machine name is "harrypotter". It will be known as

You can download your windows client for the dynamic DNS server. There are two types of clients:

1) mini-client: This client is only 32kb in size. Requires Visual Basic runtime already installed on the machine.
2) full-client: This is the same client except includes the Visual Basic runtime. It is 3MB in size.

You must save the mini-client in your startup folder to have the dynamic DNS service work after a reboot. The full client installs by default in the StartUp folder.
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DNS Servers:
IQ uses the following DNS Servers:

Primary:         (209. 183.215.235)
Secondary:     (
Mail Configuration (PC clients)
Please use the following parameters when configuring mail client:
Normal/Default configuration:
Incoming mail server (IMAP):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Secure/Encrypted Mail Server configuration:
Incoming server (IMAP): 
Incoming server (IMAP) port:     993 (SSL)
TMDA / Junk mail filter configuration:
Outgoing server (SMTP) port: 8025
Please check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
Use the same username and password as the primary mail account.
It is recommended that you use as your mail client instead.
Personal web page:
All users that have accounts on IQ Systems' server receive a personal web page. This is in addition to any corporate web pages that you may have. For example, your user account is jsmith and your domain name is In that case, in addition to having a web server at You also have a personal web page at

Your corporate web page is located in www/html folder within your home directory. Your personal web page is located at public_html folder within your home directory.
You can access your home directory / web content in any of the following manners:
1) Microsoft FrontpageŽ. You can modify your website by using any version of MS Frontpage including MS Frontpage 2003. This is limited to modifying domain accounts only. It will not work for personal accounts. Just point MS Frontpage to your website.

2) FTP. You can ftp files back and forth to any folder within your home directory.

3) Secure Shell. Secure shell is a form of a telnet except everything is encrypted for security. You can download a free secure shell client for the PC from

4) Mount it as a drive letter from your windows machine. You can mount your home directory as a drive letter in any Windows machine. The path will be \\\homes. You can type the following command on Start | Run to mount a drive letter: net use * \\\homes * /user:< > You can of course, you any graphical tools such as Network Neighborhood to do that as well. CAUTION: This may not work for you! Some (most?) of the ISPs block Microsoft networking services ports for security reasons. There is absolutely nothing IQ can do about that. If that is the case with you, please understand that it is extremely unlikely your ISP will open the ports for you.
Q. I get following error message when I am trying to send an email: "Relaying denied"

A. IQ utilizes an access control means for sending and email using IQ's mail server. The reason for this is very simple. In today's internet you just     cannot allow anyone to send an email using your server.

    Therefore, IQ has implement an access control means called "POP before SMTP". Don't let the name intimidate you. It simply means that you     cannot send an email using IQ's mail server without authenticating first. How do you authenticate? Well, simply by checking your email. It does     not matter if you use "POP" or "IMAP" to check your email. Once you do, the server authorizes that IP address to send emails for a specified     time (usually 15 minutes, but can be up to an hour). Therefore, if you setup your Outlook to check emails say every 10 minutes. You IP address     will remain in the "authorized" list to send emails. This is an automatic SPAM fighting tool.